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Bekleidungsgeschäft im Einkaufszentrum


Unfortunately inventory shrinkage is an increasingly common term in department stores, grocery stores, or other retail outlets. So far, even the most modern security technology has always been behind the most brazen and imaginative thieves in their development. Shoplifting has long ceased to be the work of individual perpetrators who steal for their own use, but increasingly the field of activity of organized gangs who deal in stolen goods on a large scale.


Our department store detectives are deployed to keep inventory discrepancies low.


The professional and personal guarding of goods, as the immediate work task is understood by a professional department store detective, continues to gain in importance.


Our department store detectives can work both internally (observation and control of the flow of goods and employees) and externally (predominantly or exclusively identifying shoplifters in sales rooms).


Our shop detectives work on foot, as if with the help of surveillance technology.

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